Classic Crazy Sexy Geeks

Jennifer Alan Tim GunnOriginally, Crazy Sexy Geeks started as videos with different celebrity guests. The web-videos have featured a variety of guest hosts, most notably geeky actor Jennifer Ewing. Topics have included discussions of the horror genre, women in comic books, reboots vs. remakes, superhero fashion, and superhero psychology (discussed by actual psychologists and psychiatrists).

Several videos have involved me discussing superhero and science fiction fashion design with Tim Gunn, fashion authority, chief creative officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc., and host of Project Runway.

Here’s a full list of my videos with Tim Gunn.


Jill Pantozzi Alan Kistler CSGCrazy Sexy Geeks evolved into a podcast hosted by Jill Pantozzi and me. Jill is a celebrated entertainment journalist for The Mary Sue who is known for her blog Has Boobs, Read Comics and her tumblr account The Bird and the Bat. You can follow her Twitter feed: @TheNerdyBird.

Each episode features Jill and I discussing the latest in geeky entertainment news and our thoughts on the matter, sometimes followed by dating advice and/or dating anecdotes sent in by listeners and fans. The podcasts could be considered PG-13.

The list of podcast episodes can be found here:

Guests on the podcast have included: Jane Espenson (producer/writer Once Upon a Time, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Teal Sherer (actor/producer of My Gimpy Life), Amber Benson (actor and author of Death’s Daughter), Ginny McQueen (cosplayer, model, vlogger), Emma Caulfield (actor, new media creator), Jessica Mills (writer/actor, new media creator), Jeff Greenstein (writer Friends, Will & Grace), Brad Bell (actor/writer/producer Husbands: The Series), Bryan Q. Miller (writer, Executive Story Editor on Smallville), Kelly Sue DeConnick (writer Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel), Dr. Travis Langley (Batman & Psychology), Riddle (cosplayer, model, and costume designer) and others.