(last updated July 8, 2015)

Doctor Who Kistler NYT Best Seller


San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) on July 9-12

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I’ll be signing at Villainous Lair comic store in San Diego on August 5th.


My book Doctor Who: A History (Lyons Press) made the NY Times Best Seller List for Non-Fiction E-Books on December 28, 2014. It ranked Number 10 in the Top 10! Thanks go to all of you who supported this book.

If you’re new to my work, welcome! I’m an author and actor who recently transplanted from NYC to Los Angeles. Every week, I host the podcast Crazy Sexy Geeks (You can listen on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes).

I’m a freelance writer and have contributed to sites such as  TheMarySue.com, NerdApprovedWired.com, CBR, and MTV Splashpage. I sometimes work as a consulting geek for video games, books, movies and comics.

I’m a comic book and pop culture historian who speaks often on the history, evolution, social commentary and moral value of science fiction, fantasy, myth, and superhero franchises, as well as on feminism and diversity in pop culture. In classrooms and at convention panels, I regularly speak about Doctor Who, Star Trek, superhero stories as morality plays, LGBT portrayals across media, the evolution of vampire fiction, the many ways to handle time travel in storytelling, and artificial intelligence. With friends who are psychologists, I’ve also spoken about how superhero and sci-fi stories can speak about human resiliency, community building, and growth after trauma.

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