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Wayward Coffee House Doctor Who KistlerHi. I’m an author and actor who jumps between Los Angeles and NYC. I’m a freelance writer who contribute to different geek news sites, such as  TheMarySue.com, NerdApprovedWired.com, CBR, and MTV Splashpage. I sometimes work on as a geek consultant to video games, books, movies and comics. I’ve been labeled a comic book and pop culture historian by news media and publishers. Basically, I know a lot about American superheroes, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes and other geeky topics. I regularly speak on panels, and sometimes in classrooms, about superhero stories as morality plays, feminism in pop culture, the evolution of vampire fiction, the many ways to handle time travel in storytelling, and minority and LGBTQ representation in media. With friends who are psychologists, I’ve also spoken about how superhero and sci-fi stories can speak about human resiliency and growth after trauma.

My most recent book is Doctor Who: A History, published by Lyons Press (I also recorded the audio book). You can find it on Amazon, Audible.com, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores.

I enjoy introducing people to good stories and characters. Fiction is meant to be shared and it’s silly to act elitist about it. I think Isaac Asimov should be taught in schools, I’m determined to find a way to visit Gallifrey, Krypton and Paradise Island, and I think there is room enough in fiction for there to be fun, all-ages stories as well as dark, gritty tales.

Take a look around. You’re never too old to get into new areas of fun. Stay geeky.


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I will be appearing at the Wayward Coffee House in Seattle. Saturday November 15 at 8pm. It will be a discussion on the creation of Doctor Who followed by the companions’ history and how they have (or haven’t) reflected feminism and diverse representation. There will also be a signing of DOCTOR WHO: A History for anyone interested. Come join us!