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I’m Alan “Sizzler” Kistler. I’m an author and actor who jumps between New York City and Los Angeles. I contribute articles and editorials to sites such as Wired.com and TheMarySue.com. I’ve also done work for ComicBookResources.com, Newsarama.com and MTV.com. Along with this, I sometimes work for folks on their projects as a geek consultant. I’ve been labeled a comic book and pop culture historian by news media, publishers, and the Paley Center. Basically, I know a lot about American superheroes, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes and other geeky topics. I regularly speak on panels about feminism in pop culture, the evolution of vampire fiction, the many ways to handle time travel in storytelling, and LGBTQ representation in media.

I co-host the podcast “Crazy Sexy Geeks.” I have a YouTube channel and a Tumblr called “Stay Geeky.” My most recent book is Doctor Who: A History (published by Lyons Press). I also recorded the audio book. You can find those on Amazon, Audible.com, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores.

I enjoy introducing people to good stories, because fun fiction is meant to be shared and it’s silly to act elitist about it. I think Isaac Asimov should be taught in schools, I’m determined to find a way to visit Gallifrey, Krypton and Paradise Island, and I think there is room enough in fiction for there to be fun, all-ages stories as well as dark, gritty tales.

Take a look around. You’re never too old to star getting into new areas of fun. Stay geeky.


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You can find me on MULTIPLE panels at WonderCon 2014!

Friday 2 pm  - Room 210 A – The Men Who Made Batman! Join us as we discuss Bill Finger, the often uncredited co-creator of Batman, and others who helped forge the hero we know today.

Saturday 2:30 pm – Room 203 – How To Get News Coverage!

Sunday 12:30 – Room 210 BCD – Sex, Love and Superheroes! I join forces with psychologist/author Dr. Travis Langley, cosplayer Abby Dark-Star, and Molly Mahan of Dynamite Entertainment. We discuss the evolution of how relationships are portrayed in superhero stories over the ages.